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The guarantee of our sofas at Mousse du Nord

Products made in Mousse du Nord are certified "NF Référence"

This label is a guarantee for the quality of our foams, woods and covers.

Wood frames and foams have a 3-year guarantee. The covering (for the entire product: cushions, armrests...), only a year.

The NF norm guarantee a covering that doesn't fade with time, a resistant foam that doesn't subside within a few months and a product stability on its armrests and seat. 

The bed mechanism has a 5-year guarantee.

If any problem occurs, please contact our after sales service.

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At Home Spirit, creation and innovation are fundamentals. The group owns its own design department composed of experts and stylists that think tomorrow's products and create today's one. A state of mind based on a simple idea: each customer at Home Spirit needs to find the product that will suit him best. We propose a variety of fabrics and styles, from modern to baroque.