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Home Spirit, a 100% local expertise

By being exclusively located in France, we control the entire process of production of our products. It allows us to protect jobs and to select top quality local suppliers.

Eco and Socio -friendly, the 7 plants are a source of employment across France. 

The "Made in France" is akin to quality, solidity, security, durability and conformity to furniture's norms. 

Home Spirit is committed to the environment

Since its creation, Home Spirit carries on with a sustainable approach

Our factories have committed to:

  • choose local suppliers : 80% of the buying are made within a 100km radius,
  • salvage scrap's materials (foam and wood)
  • use water-based glue,
  • use woods that come from responsibly managed forests under the PEFC label (solid wood, agglo and isorel 100% recycled wood)

Thus we contribute to lessen the environmental impact and fight against the use of products that are harmful to the health.

Thanks to this approach, Mousse du Nord was awarded the French eco-labels NF Environment and NF Furniture.

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Seize the spirit of the moment, predict the next trend...

At Home Spirit, creation and innovation are fundamentals. The group owns its own design department composed of experts and stylists that think tomorrow's products and create today's one. A state of mind based on a simple idea: each customer at Home Spirit needs to find the product that will suit him best. We propose a variety of fabrics and styles, from modern to baroque.