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Home Spirit, a family business, but above all a manufacturer

Every day, about  400 sofas leave our manufacturing plants. Efficient and responsive, by aiming on a local approach Home Spirit can keep a high level of quality.

Innovation and creation are at the core of the company. A design department allows us to anticipate trends and meet our customers’ demands. We designed many different shapes of sofas for you to choose between 4 collections: Silver, Gold, Sofa’Sil and Sofa’chic.
Skills at Home Spirit revolve around a common objective: a fast and precise response to the latest trends. Designers, stylists and engineers, with the help of different teams from our different plants, put their expertise for those in search of quality and style at a reasonable price.

Each range designed at Home Spirit is unique, while being very versatile to satisfy every person’s taste. Home Spirit allows each one of its clients to create its own cocoon, by letting you choose the shade, the fabric, the size and the comfiness, etc. 
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Seize the spirit of the moment, predict the next trend...

At Home Spirit, creation and innovation are fundamentals. The group owns its own design department composed of experts and stylists that think tomorrow's products and create today's one. A state of mind based on a simple idea: each customer at Home Spirit needs to find the product that will suit him best. We propose a variety of fabrics and styles, from modern to baroque.